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Book Three - Law of the Heart

I have had wonderful responses to the first four books! I'm thrilled that not only do my readers love the stories but they are begging for more. "Sheltered Shadows During Storms of War"  will be available in June. The sixth book of the "Loud the Thunder" series, "The Charleston Journey" is scheduled to be release in 2014. Thank you again for your kind words and enthusiam for the series.

Those who live in the Ocala area can get your copy's of "Loud the Thunder, Gentle the Rain" , "Mirror of Healing" as well as "Law of the Heart" and "Angel Watch" at The Ivy House Restaurant in Williston.

Visit www.FamilyFiction.com. They have just added me as one of their authors and, "Loud the Thunder, Gentle the Rain", as one of their recommended books.
Thank you, FamilyFiction!

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Alone, that’s how twenty-two-year-old Allie Richards felt. For the last several years, she’d been trying to fit back into a life that had been put on hold during her father’s losing battle with cancer. The only thing that kept her sane was painting.


Now she not only grieved for a mother she had never known, who died when she was three, but she must now begin life without her father. She needed a change, a new town, a new house; some place where she wasn’t met with grief everywhere she looked.


Placing her childhood home on the market, Allie began sorting through a lifetime of memories and keepsakes. She hadn’t quite decided where she wanted to go but the mountains seemed to beckon her. Little did she know that one box, high in her father’s closet, not only held the answer as to where she would move, but would also reveal years of lies and deceit. Once she sorted through the truth of the box Allie knew exactly where she would move, Madison Creek, North Carolina.

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